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Hello everybody! My name is Brad! You can call me Osaku! I like to think of myself as a Harry Potter Guru (whether or not it is conceited of me to do so). Harry Potter is one of my many interests, including anime, Lord of the Rings, and Sci-fi, particurally the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card.

But I will never forget my Roots in Harry Potter, for they will remain in my skin, in my blood, just as the protection, yes that ancient protection that lingers within Harry's own body. I have been reading Harry Potter for more than 6 years, before the second book came out. Since then I've taken many a quiz, many a test, which placed me in Gryffindor. And I've gone to many of the midnight Harry Potter parties that have been held at various bookstores across the country (though I havent gone across the country, just in my New England region. Harry Potter is quite a magnificent tale of friendship, courage, and overcoming the past, and the present, while knowing what the future has in store (even though we don't because JK Rowling won't give us the info... maybe its better that way... *pouts*).

So yes. That is my little shpeal. Now I would like to share with you, a Meme I created from the original Memegen. It's become pretty popular without my knowing over the past few weeks, and when I went to check it, it had over 12,000 hits. So I would be very pleased to see that number go up! Mostly because that means I did a good job satisfying my fellow Harry Potter fans with my little meme! I think the title says it all!

Note: *This version isn't the full meme, I edited it and added more after I posted on hpquizzes, harry_potter and hp_obsession.I showed it to them them and a few friends first, and then I added more features! It has a larger array of possibilities now, and I spent quite a considerable amount of time making it! Please Enjoy! ^_^

Harry Potter Meme of All Memes by Osaku
WandEbony, 11", Dragon Heartstring
Best CourseDefense Against the Dark Arts
Worst CourseHistory of Magic
PetHawk Owl
Quidditch PositionSeeker
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This is a new one I just made as well! I hope you like it!
Harry Potter/LJ Crossover by Osaku
Eccentric Headmasterrawiscorrri
Best Friendorionsmiling
Brainy Friendvampyneko
School Enemyanimepooka
Enemy Cronie #1elementalaire
Enemy Cronie #2shawnandc
Runaway Godfatherlatinsbaby93
Greasy Potions Mastergtosaku
Annoying House Elf_endlessrain
Dark Lordmister_sinister
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Please feel free to comment on these and share them with Friends! Thank you!
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